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  • Tools for Transformation

    For serious seekers of wholeness and well-being I create a personalized plan, specific to your needs, goals and desires.  It is truly LIFE-CHANGING from the inside out.




    Or, select from any of my 13 fun, interesting, and empowering classes.



    Tools for Transformation Package

    Description of Classes


  • Insightful Readings

     Try a reading that is specific to your question(s):  Animal Communication |  Astrological and Psychic Readings |  Mediumship |  Past Lives | Relationship | Tarot

    Description of Readings

  • Special Psychic Services

    Description of Psychic Services

  • Healing and How to Stay Healthy

    Spiritual well-being and physical health can be greatly improved through psychic resources. I offer on-site or long-distance Energy Healing, Chakra Balancing and Cleansing, Habit Removal by Dowsing, Post-Traumatic Reframing and  Reiki.


    I also have a few Self-Care Tips for you to review.




    More about Healings & Health Tips

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