Two thousand and fourteen was a difficult year for me. It started with a decline in my business. I was asked by my brother-in- law to remodel his bathrooms in California. I went there to do the project and received news of my twin having breast cancer. I felt I needed to be with my family at that time so fortunately they all live in that area so I could stay for a while. During the stay I found my mother was experiencing many episodes of dementia, which was creating conflicts between two of my sisters.

Then one night after a meal with my mother and brother, my mother fell getting out of the car, breaking her back and sending her to the hospital for a lengthy recovery.

A few weeks later, I finished the remodel project and it was time for me to go back home to Washington. That visit would be the last time I would see my mother. She died a little while later.

To add to the stress of the year, my good friend and cousin also died after a long battle with cancer.

Margaret VanLaanMartin, being a wonderful friend, offered to help me with my depression. She provided mewith some spiritual tools that helped me through those difficult times. The training she has given me in accessing the energy of the cosmos and the foundational grounding of the earth has continued to give me strength in my daily life.

First she taught me a grounding technique, and through visualization I can take any unwanted thoughts and send them from the center of my mind to the center of the earth, freeing my thoughts for clarity or just rest.

Then she taught me to open my chakras and allow the warm glowing energy of the cosmic universe to flow through my body for healing, expelling the depressive forces.

She also took me on a journey to my past and we changed the outcome of a negative event and made it a positive event. It now gives me confidence that all the experiences work for my benefit and those near to me, and what may feel like a loss or struggle is just a lesson my soul needs to learn.

I would recommend to anyone interested, Age of Aquarius and its Tools for Transformation and Healings.

Thank you Margaret,

Del Fadavi, March 17, 2015