2016 – Accurate Predictions: 50% accurate



Psychics: Del, Jan, Jennifer, Jessica, Arlene, John, Richard, Miles, Laura


World Questions - Environment

Natural Disasters?  What species will go extinct this year?

  • Laura: White Tiger
  •  Jan: 10 species
  • John: Snow Leopard, platypus
  • Jennifer: insects, butterflies, bees, wasps, crickets, locust will take a big hit
  • Miles: water mammal


Cancer cure?

  • Jessica: Seeing lemons
  • Miles: Breakthrough with a childhood cancer
  • Laura: Lots and lots of clinical trials


Will there be a cruise across the North Pole?

  • Miles, Laura: NO. Blocked by a wall of ice.
  • Del: Exploration or mission to North Pole
  • Jennifer: Saw Titanic


Economy: World depression/recession?

  • Miles: Major crumbling, US declining
  • Richard: More countries leaving EU
  • Jan: Europe
  • Jessica: Tall buildings being built, low occupancy
  • Del: No


Politics - Other Nations

Relationship with China, now that we have a new President

  • Miles: Ripped apart
  • Jennifer: Equal and then one rises above the other
  • Del: New alliance
  • Laura: Relations very good


North Korean missiles. How far will they go?

  •  Jessica: Going east towards Spain
  • Laura: Towards Hawaii; maybe half way
  • Miles: Towards China; but not target. Hits and will explode.
  • Richard: Will not hit anything
  • Jennifer: Will say that the US helped him launch
  •  John: Accident in Korea
  • Jan: China involved somehow


Will Italy leave EU?

  • Del: Yes
  • Jessica: White flags
  • Miles: No
  • Jennifer: Can’t afford it
  • Richard: Yes and more will leave. Don’t like the control of Germany.
  • Jan: More than just Italy


Will France leave EU?

  • Arlene: Yes
  • Richard: No
  • Jessica: No
  • Del: No


Will the US leave UN?

  •  Jennifer: No
  • Jessica: Seeing White flags
  • John: No


Land on the Moon?

  • Jessica: US Mars
  • Del: Will have to scrap a launch.
  • Jennifer: US will stop some country.
  • Jan: No


Wars: Any new wars, besides Iraq and Afghanistan?

  • Jennifer: China
  • Del: South China Seas, Philippines
  • Jan: Indonesia
  • Laura, Jessica: India
  • John, Arlene: Korea
  • Richard: US, Russia, North Korea will do something stupid and hurt a lot of people.


2017 United States Questions

Economy: How many Hurricanes in US?

  • Laura, Richard, Jennifer: Louisiana
  • Arlene: Oklahoma
  • Jan, Jess: East Coast
  • Richard: Georgia
  • Miles: 3 big
  • Del: 4: Pan Handle, the gulf, 2 East Coast (Carolinas), maybe California.  Laura: Baja California
  • John: 2 on West Coast


Politics: Will the government admit contact with aliens?

  • Jan: Kept under wraps
  • John: No, not admitted
  • Miles: Seeing a signal being sent that we detect
  • Del: Seeing a tweet on April 1st which will confuse people.


Politics: Will Dakota Pipeline stay halted?

  • Miles: Will build it. Huge backlash -inner war in USA.
  • Del: Situation will explode. The oil companies will push it through.
  •  Jennifer, John, Jessica: Pipeline will be laid
  • Richard: Will be laid in a new location
  • Jennifer: Too much money not to build
  • Laura: Cracked pipe and oil spilled
  • Jennifer: Other civil groups joining the Native Americans
  • Richard: Civil divide in the nation. The catalyst will be the pipeline.


Politics: Will Trump be president for entire year?

  • Jennifer: Two black XX
  • Laura: Will still be here for the whole year
  • Jessica: A big rainbow
  • Jan: September, nothing after that
  • John: Will be sick in 6 months
  • Miles: Seeing August
  • Richard: Will be here for the whole year.


Politics: Will Boeing get the F18 contract?

  •  Jessica: Yes. Seeing celebration
  • Arlene: Yes
  • Miles: Seeing contract going through. Something goes wrong - a backfire.  Del: Split contract. F18 gets half; F35 gets half
  • Jennifer: Seeing a black X


Politics: How many people in the Women’s March in Washington State?

  • Laura: 100,000
  •  John: 32,000
  • Arlene: Less than 10,000
  • Miles: 28,000. Seeing a very large turnout; exceeding what was expected.
  • Del: 26,000


Environment / Natural Disasters



  • Laura, Richard, Jennifer: Louisiana
  • Arlene: Oklahoma
  • Jan, Jess: East Coast
  • Richard: Georgia
  • Miles: 3 big
  • Del: 4: Pan Handle, the gulf, 2 East Coast (Carolinas), maybe California.
  • Laura: Baha California
  • John: 2 on West Coast



  • John: 8.7 in Seattle
  • Jan: 3.5 in Washington
  • Jennifer: 5.2 in Ocean by Northern California
  • Miles: Japan - devastating earthquake
  • Del: Ocean/tsunami – Northern California


Florida Natural Disasters

  • Jan: Water level rising
  • Richard: Calm year for hurricanes
  • Jennifer: People surfing
  •  Jan: Loss of manatees
  • Laura: Fires
  • Del: Zika outbreak
  • Arlene: Fishing crisis




World series?

  • Jennifer: Special event in Canada; red maple leaf
  • John: Oakland
  • Laura: red and blue
  • Jessica: Red white and blue


Super Bowl?

  • Jessica: Green Bay
  • Del: Atlanta
  • Laura: Green
  • Jan: Green
  • Richard: Green
  • Arlene: Packers
  • Jennifer: Star


2017 California Questions


Will California split into two states? Or split from US?

  • Jennifer: No
  • Miles: No. Subject will be pursued again. Enough of a divide.
  • Richard: No
  • Arlene: No


High Speed Rail project start in California?

  • Miles: Yes. Symbology of dry terrain with a breakthrough of a plant.
  •  Jennifer: More delays
  • Jan: Blockages
  • Jessica: Seeing going through rolling hills and mountain


Environment: Still in a Drought? – How much rain?

  • Miles: Seeing flooding
  • Jennifer: So much water, can see reflection of sky
  • Jessica: Really dry and hot in Bakersfield
  • Jan: Southern state dry as a bone
  • Del: A Breach in the Delta


2017 Chico questions


Environment: More personnel for tree work?

  • John: No
  • Miles: No
  • Laura: No. Too many trees falling
  • Jennifer: Seeing cleanup / emergency


Politics: Will they fill potholes?

  • Jessica: There is money, but they aren’t fixing them
  • Del: Will find a way to get more money
  • Del: Will get money from Volkswagen


Politics:  Solutions to the homelessness in Yuba City?

  • Jennifer: Homeless people sitting around the court house
  • Jan: Discussion only


Politics: Dystems in Paradise

  • Jessica: Lower Paradise
  • John: No
  • Jan: No
  • Arlene: No
  • Laura: No