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Consider These Fun and Effective Psychic Services:

  • Order a personalized Astrological Chart or a Love Compatibility Report to give you deeper insight into who you are and what is happening in your life.
  • Improve your bottom line with a Business Energy Clearing.
  • Host a party that your friends will rave about.
  • If you are in the area, attend our Yearly Prediction Gathering.
  • The astrological chart of your zodiac sign is your blueprint for life.


    • Do you ever wonder why you have some good days and some bad days?
    • Do you ever wonder why you get along great with some people and are like oil and water with others?
    • Have you ever wondered about your love compatibility with someone special to you?

    If you answered yes to any of these questions, then a personalized astrological birth chart reading can open your eyes to who you really are.


    Astrological Charts
    The astrological chart of your zodiac sign is your blueprint for life. It's not a "set in stone" kind of plan or destiny, but is a guide to understanding your own characteristics and personality traits. Your individual astrology birth chart can help you identify your strengths and weaknesses and help explain why you have particular challenges in your life.


    Love Compatibility Reports

    Love compatibility with someone special is easily determined when you have your relationship compatibility, love compatibility astrology report prepared. Consider yur love compatibility report as your horoscope astrology for your relationship.

    These astrological birth charts and love compatibility charts are in-depth, detailed, twenty to thirty-page reports. These aren't your quickie, plug in your birthday and pop out your one-page report chart. These are professional, in-depth, high-quality astrology charts.

    You will find this a fascinating way to get to know yourself or your partner on a deeper level.

    Both your astrology reading and/or relationship compatibility charts are ready for you within 48 hours.




    $50 Birth Chart - Written Only
    $50 Love Compatibility Chart - Written Only

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  • Improve your bottom line!


    This reading will help identify and find solutions about problem clients, employees, business location or any other business concern. You'll receive help in choosing product lines and assist with merchandising decisions. Your business is a performance. This reading can improve your script and your props!



    "Margaret has helped us choose capable employees for our firm. She has looked at business changes such as mergers, adding partners, purchasing property and changing our products and services. By having Margaret regularly work on the business energy we find it’s easier to run our business."





    $250 (plus travel if applicable)

    Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover Card are accepted.


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  • It's fun, personalized and informative.


    Have a psychic at your next party! People rave about how much they get from this interaction. You can sponsor an event with your friends.


    How it works:

    • You can choose to have a private reading room session, or a group question and answer session, or both.
    • I am sensitive to your guests' ideals, communication styles and belief systems.
    • My background is in business, and I have a friendly, professional presentation.
    • My readings are appropriate to the person and your party and always confidential.
    • The private reading room is an area set aside at the party where your guests can each have a private individual session with me while your other guests enjoy the party.
    • A group question and answer session involves the group gathering together to ask their questions, one at a time, in a social/spiritual setting.
    • Your guests will have fun receiving answers and sharing information.


    People rave about how much they get from this interaction!




    $500  - includes readings for up to ten guests and a $50 charge for each additional guest reading, as well as travel expenses if applicable. Call 530-520-1900 for price quote.


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  • Yearly Prediction Gathering

    An Annual Event at Age of Aquarius in Chico, California


    Each year, graduate students of the Age of Aquarius One-Year Psychic program meet to read the future and the energy of the coming year. The graduates read the world energy and make their world predictions.


    The New Year prediction gathering event is fascinating and enlightening. As a general rule, these yearly psychic predictions have been curiously correct and yet others have not.


    Find out what is coming up for you in the New Year!


    Traditionally held at the beginning of January, this is a special evening where the audience and the psychics pre-plan which questions they want to inquire about.


    How it works:

    • During the first 30-45 minutes, the audience decides what topics they want the psychics to address during the evening. Typical topics have been food supplies, famine, the stock market, political issues, economy, weather, disasters, sports teams, snow packs, rainfall and water supply, and various other general interest topics.
    • After the topics are decided upon, the psychics prepare themselves to read the future while Psychic Margaret VanLaanMartin manages the energy of the room, giving the reading-psychics “energetically-balanced space” in which to work.
    • Once the psychics are ready to read, they look at the world-energy first, United States energy, California energy, and finally Chico energy, in that order. They look ahead one year to gather information about their predictions.
    • After the main predictions have been made, each member of the audience is given the chance to ask one personal question from the team of psychics.


    This is a popular evening. Space is limited. Call  530-520-1900 to reserve your seat.


    View predictions by Age of Aquarius students and graduates for 2017





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