I  am pleased to share these client testimonials with you.

  • Sylvia .... "The communication that was obtained from the world beyond was something I will treasure and never forget."

    My name is Sylvia, and I met Margaret over 20 years ago, when we were antique dealers setting up next to each other at shows. I knew she had interest and skills as a psychic, but being the non-believer that I had always been, I listened with little belief, until many years later, my best friend died, and I went to Margaret to seek some type of closure. I attended Mediumship with Margaret and two of her associates. They were absolutely amazing! The communication that was obtained from the world beyond was something I will treasure and never forget.

    Leaving Chico that evening, and driving back to San Francisco, I took with me the joy of fulfillment, warmth and knowledge that my best friend was in a safe and comfortable place, free of pain and stress. Chico is 200 miles from my home, but after my wonderful experience, I have brought many of my friends to experience the wonderful talents that Margaret VanLaanMartin possesses. She is a very talented psychic, and has a wonderful way of making you feel good and content with the things that we have to encounter in our lives, both past, present, and often future.

    I hope what I have expressed will help many of you to take that unknown step and go and see Margaret. She is an experience and friend that is worth making a part of your life.

     —Sylvia S.F., CA''


  • Kathy ... "When I receive a (Reiki) healing from Margaret, it is the most wonderful experience."

    It is as if soundless chimes are delicately and lovingly working magic through my body. The sensation is one of simultaneously being relaxed and energized. The fluid movement calms and reassures as a bubbling, meandering stream of light, of joy and comfort replace tension and worry. The feeling is different from any other I’ve encountered. In the process, I can live for a time in a place of delicious opposites: excitement and calm, awareness and unconsciousness, freedom and grounding.

     —Kathy Jocob, Writer

  • Linda ... "Margaret has helped us choose capable employees for our firm."

    Margaret has helped us choose capable employees for our firm. She has looked at business changes such as mergers, adding partners, purchasing property and changing our products and services. By having Margaret regularly work on the business energy, we find it’s easier to run our business.
    —Linda Lotspeich, Lotspeich & Co., An Accountancy Corporation

  • When I was a student of Margaret's at Age of Aquarius, one of her classes was for creating a Mock Up. I created a Mock Up of what I wanted in a life partner.


    Following Margaret's direction, I spent the next week listing all of the things I desired in a partner. I had been single for over 10 years, so I had a pretty good idea of the attributes I was looking for, which also helps to focus on what qualities I wouldn't accept. It was a wonderful time of reflection and really setting my intentions.


    Over the next few years, this exercise was on my mind. I was not going to "settle" for less than the abundance the Universe had for me. This activity of creating a Mock Up not only facilitated my changing who I dated, but helped me focus on who my friends were going to be, what organizations to join, etc.…all the improvements that opened me up to meeting the kind of people I wanted to share my life with.


    During this time I decided to add to my partner list the quality of being spiritual, as I had returned to church. A friend from church suggested I try, as she had friends who were pleased with it. I had tried on-line dating many years previous and was disappointed, but for some reason this sounded like a "why not" type of activity. I had my intentions in mind, so I felt much better about dating and was clear about my direction. I went on several dates, which helped me cement my Mock Up intentions even more!


    I had only been going to church and on for a couple months when a photo came up of someone I thought I recognized, but couldn't place. I sent him a message and when he wrote back, I was so surprised! I knew this man many, many years ago from church and we always had a warm connection. He remembered me. He had been living in Paradise about a year and had just started to go to church, the same one I was attending, except in Paradise! We only sent a couple more messages back and forth before we met (re-met) for dinner one summer evening, July 2009.


    The rest, as they say, is history!!! We had an immediate connection. Neither of us remembers what we talked about that evening, but after dinner we left and went for coffee as we didn't want the date to end. It was a perfect time to meet as we were both between starting new jobs and had a lot of time to date and see where this could go. Today I am still amazed at the life experience and interests that my partner and I share. As well, we have each opened the other to new experiences and ideas. I wake up each day in appreciation and gratitude for what has happened in this life now! I KNOW that doing the Mock Up set this in motion. We met at the perfect time for each of us.


    THANK YOU Margaret, so much, for helping me to hone my intentions and desires during this class on Mock Ups. It taught me to really focus, create a better life for myself, and led me to experiencing more in life than I ever thought was possible and sharing a love I didn't know could exist! Margaret's class helped me beyond measure to become the person I am now: a person I really love and have allowed to be loved by a wonderful man.


    I can now use this tool to set intentions for anything reasonable I desire to manifest in my life! What a gift I've received!

    — Robin

  • Dharma ... "Margaret has become more than just my esoteric guidance counselor; she is someone that I call friend, teacher, and fellow Earth lover."

    I have been coming to Margaret for guidance and insight since Valentine's Day 2008. From the first reading I knew that I had found someone that was connected into the esoteric realms, someone that understood the language of the spirits and guides. Margaret has become more than just my esoteric guidance counselor; she is someone that I call friend, teacher, and fellow Earth lover. I appreciate her words of wisdom, firm kicks to the backside, and laughter when things just go wonky. Margaret will forever be on my speed dial, and will always be in my circle of friends in this life and the ones to come.

    ——Dharma Gansel, Pagan Minister and Herbalist

  • Vickie ... "This (Meditation) class helps you learn how to meditate and take 'me' time. It also helps you ...."

    This class helps you learn how to meditate and take “me” time. It also helps you learn how to be more aware of, and tuned in to people and events surrounding you. It helps you develop your powers of perception and to perceive obstacles or opportunities that may be presented to you in the future. Margaret is wonderful; she is one of the most generous and giving people you will ever meet.

    —Vickie J. – Business Owner

  • Cara... "I had been chronically late for years and it really irked me."

    Thank you SO MUCH for the dowsing session to clear my habit of being late. I had been chronically late for years and it really irked me. As a mom, it sent the message to my kids that I didn't care about them, and as a professional being late said "I don't respect you or your time" to my clients. I felt the positive effects of the work immediately and have the most amazing day today! I got my kids to school EARLY, arrived for a meeting EARLY, picked my kids up from school EARLY and I just floated through my day. One early event would be noticeable, but 3 is just ridiculous! Even better was how great I felt in my body—no more tension and everything flowed so smoothly and easily in my schedule. I want to come back to dowse for more bad habits so I can enjoy my life even more! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    —Cara Gubbins, PhD, Spiritual Intuitive, Animal Intuitive, Pet Medium

  • Anne ... "A prime example of how this wonderful class has been very essential to me as a parent is when my son, who is almost three, started preschool."

    The One Year Psychic program has been nothing but amazing...

    The class provides tools that have benefited not only myself as a young mother but my family as well.


    A prime example of how this wonderful program has been very essential to me as a parent is when my son, who is almost three, started preschool.


    Even though this was an exciting time for us I had a lot of anxiety for myself as a parent. I am a stay-at-home mom and the only environment my son had known was with my husband, daughter and myself. I wondered how he would fair through this new adventure.


    My son is a sweet, tender-hearted soul, and can by very shy and reserved at times. I hoped that everything would go smoothly but I also knew that the first day can be the most difficult day for kids and a negative start would effect the weeks that follow.


    This is when Margret's wonderful one-year program gave me the tools to help in the transition that we as parents go through.


    While driving my son to preschool that first day, I used each one of the tools that I have learned in Margaret's class. I wanted to ease this new beginning and do everything I knew to do to create a positive outcome.


    I knew his typical behavior was to cling to me, but to my amazement, when we arrived he took off, calling the other children to play with him. Then when I went to say goodbye he kissed me as fast as he could and was off again with a huge smile on his face. I was in utter shock. My daughter, who is older and is very social had a hard time during her first day of preschool so I could not believe my eyes. Watching my quiet mannered son transitioning so well filled me with complete joy.


    When I returned to pick him up the teacher said, 'I have never in all my years observed a child do so well on the first day of preschool. He has done amazing!' And then she said, 'Is he always this happy?' Even when it was time to go he did not want to leave. When we arrived home he asked to go right back. I cannot tell you how that made my heart feel so wonderful.


    Listening to the teacher describe how my son did on his first day makes me feel confident that the tools I have learned to use really do work.


    I continued to use my tools for the rest of the week and each day he was still eager to go. Now, weeks later the wonder continues. He cannot get enough of his big boy preschool.


    This is just one example of how this amazing class has helped with me and my family. I feel that if I had not used the tools that I have learned in the program the outcome would have been very different.


    I know with time I will return to my career and use the abundant facets and essentials that I have received from this program. However, as for now and forever in my role as a parent, I feel very confident that I have learned to access what I need from the One-year Psychic Energy Development Program."


    This class has taught me how to access my psychic energy and has given me tools to maneuver through the ocean of life and the great journey we call, parenthood.

  • Juliette.. "THANK YOU so much for the heads up on all of the career changes."

    I have also been sharing my Tarot Readings experience with my friends. In fact, when I had the first interview with the company I will now be working with, I got to tell them that I applied for the job because of a Tarot card reading.ᅠ They seemed to enjoy that explanation.

    I called you back in November for a reading about why I was having so much trouble with my love life (or lack of one, rather). The conversation moved over to work, and you said that you saw me traveling and speaking in front of people. You said that I would be working with a company, not just on my own.

    After the call, I did a Google search about what kind of companies would have traveling speakers, and found several. Ironically, I had just bought a video camera a few weeks before, so I was able to film an audition tape and send that with my resume. I made it through the interview process and received the job offer TODAY, within 30 minutes of the final audition!!!

    You had also mentioned that the company I was currently working for was having trouble with expenses. A few weeks after our call, my boss sent me an email cutting my pay.

    THANK YOU so much for the heads up for all of the career changes. I would have never applied to the training company, which means that when my boss cut my pay I wouldn't have had this opportunity in the works. Our call together was a true lifesaver for me.
    — Juliette Brown, MBA, DTM


    UPDATE .....




    Hope you are well! You did a reading for me three years ago which led me to a new career, which I am completely and fully still in love with.


    Shortly after that reading, we did a mock-up because I thought I wanted a partner. I did the gauge practice for a while, and then tired of it. A partner never appeared. However, life took me in a direction where a partner wouldn't have been practical.


    Two years later, since I had burned our mock-up, I did another mock-up where I wrote what I wanted and what I didn't want. Per the directions below, I kept my list more general. The ironic thing is that men started coming out of the woodwork, and they were pursuing hard. The problem was that they were all married. When I checked my list, I realized I hadn't specified that I wanted someone who was single. I added that to my mock-up, and guess what? No more men - nothing, at all.


    I had never imagined that the universe would create pathways for married men to stray, but I guess the universe is energy, not ethical.


    I recently had my Meyers Briggs done, and I'm ISTP - the type least likely to get married *sigh* :)


    On a more positive note, an ex showed back up after five years of no contact. I've been working with a pendulum (powered by my spirit guide Windex - he helps me see clearly - you can't make this stuff up. The pendulum says he could be the One. He would come with a ton of baggage that I'm not sure I want... but he's single, and matches everything else I'm looking for. Time will tell. Just taking it slow with re-establishing trust and friendship with this one.


    Anyway... hope you are well. Happy 40th Anniversary - it sounds like the most amazing day!!!


    Take care and Happy 2015!

    — Juliette

  • Del ... "Margaret  provided me with some spiritual tools that helped me through those difficult times."

    Two thousand and fourteen was a difficult year for me. It started with a decline in my business. I was asked by my brother-in-law to remodel his bathrooms in California. I went there to do the project and received news of my twin having breast cancer. I felt I needed to be with my family at that time so fortunately they all live in that area so I could stay for a while. During the stay I found my mother was experiencing many episodes of dementia, which was creating conflicts between two of my sisters.

    Then one night after a meal with my mother and brother, my mother fell getting out of the car, breaking her back and sending her to the hospital for a lengthy recovery.


    A few weeks later, I finished the remodel project and it was time for me to go back home to Washington. That visit would be the last time I would see my mother. She died a little while later.


    To add to the stress of the year, my good friend and cousin also died after a long battle with cancer.


    Margaret VanLaanMartin, being a wonderful friend, offered to help me with my depression. She provided me with some spiritual tools that helped me through those difficult times. The training she has given me in accessing the energy of the cosmos and the foundational grounding of the earth has continued to give me strength in my daily life.


    First she taught me a grounding technique, and through visualization I can take any unwanted thoughts and send them from the center of my mind to the center of the earth, freeing my thoughts for clarity or just rest.


    Then she taught me to open my chakras and allow the warm glowing energy of the cosmic universe to flow through my body for healing, expelling the depressive forces.


    She also took me on a journey to my past and we changed the outcome of a negative event and made it a positive event. It now gives me confidence that all the experiences work for my benefit and those near to me, and what may feel like a loss or struggle is just a lesson my soul needs to learn.


    I would recommend to anyone interested, Age of Aquarius and its Tools for Transformation and Healings.


    Thank you Margaret,

    —Del Fadavi March 17, 2015

  • Dave... "Margaret  provided me with some spiritual tools that helped me through those difficult times."

    Margaret gave me a personal retrograde reading of my astrology chart. Her work explained why I've been unhappy at work for some time now, and she also pinpointed an area of my life where I have been trying out new financial strategies. Her work validated what I've been going through, and put my hardships and positive efforts in perceptive. Her readings provide insightful timelines, which help me balance my expectations.

    I'm very satisfied with my personal reading.

    —Dave Kelley, Aug. 2016

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