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Host a Party!


It’s fun, personalized and informative.

Have a psychic at your next party! People rave about how much they get from this interaction. You can sponsor an event with your friends.

$500  – includes readings for up to ten guests and a $59 charge for each additional guest reading, as well as travel expenses if available. Call 530-520-1900 for price quote.

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How it Works

  • You can choose to have a private reading room session, or a group question and answer session, or both.
  • I am sensitive to your guests’ ideals, communication styles and belief systems.
  • My background is in business, and I have a friendly, professional presentation.
  • My readings are appropriate to the person and your party and are always confidential.
  • The private reading room is an area set aside at the party where your guests can each have a private individual session with me while your other guests enjoy the party.
  • A group question and answer session involves the group gathering together to ask their questions, one at a time, in a social/spiritual setting.
  • Your guests will have fun receiving answers and sharing information.

People rave about how much they get from this interaction!