Tarot Mastery Relationship Star Spreads

A Complete Course on Reading the Tarot for ALL Types of Relationships.



Relationship Star Spreads

Normal price for this course in my studio is $400. The advantage of taking this online class is that you can review all lessons as often as you wish. Another valuable benefit is that you get to be a fly-on-the-wall during actual live readings, which gives you even more insight for your growth.

As soon as you enroll you have access to all the lessons, so there are no restrictions on what you may watch and when.

This course is specifically created for understanding the energies around relationships. Romantic and love partnerships, either current or desired, for you and/or your friends and clients.

And all non-romantic relationships with yourself, a project, work or career, family, friends, peers, classmates, co-workers, neighbors, colleagues, and pets, too!

In this class you will learn how to:

  • Read the tarot for ALL types of romantic relationships
  • Use the specific charts provided
  • Prepare for a reading for maximum clarity
  • Reframe “negative” cards
  • Read for all kinds of NON-romantic relationships

And, best of all, I do not recommend memorizing your cards. In this course you are provided with a guide to the tarot you can use over and over for all your readings.

Using the spreads the way that you will learn in this class will allow even a complete beginner to receive valuable insights from readings. (Although, if you are a complete beginner, I recommend you take the Tarot Basics Course first for the powerful training it provides.)

If you’re an advanced student, who has memorized the cards, you will use the spreads to give you layouts designed to focus on your specific questions related to all types of relationships.

Experienced tarot readers will also gain new and valuable insights by using these spreads.

This is a comprehensive course, BUT you DON’T have to complete the entire course before reaping the benefits from it. Enjoy yourself as you learn more about using the tarot as a guide for your life experiences and to help others. Let the titles of the lessons prompt where you need to go next.

NOW is the time to empower yourself and take your Spiritual Development to a whole new level.

Give yourself a gift that can shift the rest of your life and set you on a path to help others while you continue to grow by using the Tarot – A mystical, magical tool for self-growth and divination.

 This course will:

  • Help you activate and refine your Intuitive skills
  • Help you improve the skills you already have
  • Help answer your pressing questions
  • Help you help others
  • Be an effective Tarot Reader

There is no card memorization in this class but, if you already know your cards, this class will help you use them more effectively.

Training and Practice makes the difference.

Come explore the possibilities!

See you in the class.

Course Curriculum

Welcome to Tarot Mastery, The Relationship Star Spreads

  • Introduction to the course(5:37)
  • An Introductory Tarot Reading(4:35)
  • How to get the most out of this course(2:49)

How to Use The Charts For All Romantic Love Relationships

  • Access the diagram charts and tarot guide you need for this course(2:52)
  • Introduction to the Relationship Star Spread Charts for Love Relationship Readings(4:47)
  • Important: Reframing of “Negative” or “Scary” Cards(17:17)
  • A Tarot Prayer(4:58)
  • How to do a reading(9:35)
  • The Feminine-Masculine Relationship Chart(6:48)
  • The reading and story of Margaret and Richard(7:15)
  • The Masculine-Masculine Relationship Chart(6:03)
  • An actual reading for 2 men in a married relationship(21:30)
  • The Feminine-Feminine Relationship Chart(5:18)
  • A reading for 2 women in a married relationship(16:42)
  • “Is THIS the ONE?” Soulmate Relationship Spread(6:51)
  • The LoveStar Spread(6:20)
  • An imaginary reading using the LoveStar Spread(9:12)
  • Bonus lesson – An actual reading(7:51)
  • Bonus Reading using Soulmate Spread(10:01)

Reading For Everybody Else, The Non-Romantic Relationships

  • Introduction(2:41)
  • What ARE non-romantic relationships?(7:13)
  • How to use the chart(7:18)
  • Bonus Reading(10:50)

Final Thoughts On Working With All The Relationship Spreads

  • Helpful Tips and Nuances(12:44)
  • Paths versus Free Will(3:22)
  • Conclusion and Credits(2:28)