Psychic Development Course

So, you wanna be a psychic?

Do you watch videos of other psychics and read blogs, and it’s not enough? Are you ready to begin your psychic journey? Is it time to take your interests and natural psychic gifts to the next level? In this course, you will expand your interests while actually getting to practice psychic techniques for yourself, your friends, and your family! Now is the time to take the One-Year Psychic Development Course, be with a group of like-minded people, and gift yourself with taking the time to develop your psychic abilities fully!

This one-year course is a fun and creative process for spiritual self-work that will transform your life.

Course Details

The course begins on October 17, and meets weekly on Thursday from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. (PST), either in person at my office in Paradise or on Zoom.

The last day to register is October 10, 2023.

The classes are limited to 8 students.

The course begins on October 17, and meets weekly on Tuesdays from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. (PST), either in person at my office in Paradise or on Zoom.

The last day to register is October 10, 2023.

The classes are limited to 8 students.

Psychic Development Course

Is it time to put you first and commit to developing your full psychic potential? Do you want to do this journey in a class with like-minded students?

If you are serious about becoming more than you ever thought you could be, make this commitment to change your life!

The focus of the year will be to:
  • Connect to personal and spiritual/psychic resources that you never knew existed.
  • Uncover the roots of your fears and habits and find freedom.
  • Heal and recreate your past.
  • Expand your psychic powers and spiritual abilities.
  • Learn how to work with your personal healing team.
  • Create your own “toolbox” of spiritual and psychic tools to heal and empower yourself and others.
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This class has taught me how to access my psychic energy and has given me the tools to maneuver through the ocean of life and the great journey we call parenthood.

– Ann, Chico, California

What You’ll Learn


(6 weeks)

You will learn and practice the tools of balance, awareness, and amusement. Develop calm, compassion, and inner peace when using tools daily and in all aspects of your life. You will develop your natural psychic gifts and create energy awareness to help you navigate life more easily.

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(12 weeks)

You will meet and work with your personal healing team. The first healer works with you emotionally and mentally, and the second healer works with you physically and on the psychic level. You will learn to heal both in person and remotely for yourself and others, including pets and plants. Learn the tools to heal yourself, others, and relationships.

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(12 weeks)

You will learn to do Psychic Readings and Past Life Readings. Learn to read and work with the energy around you. This process promotes self-awareness and creates choices that align with your inner path.

meditation, spiritual, yoga


(12 weeks)

Raise your vibration and enhance communication with others. During guided meditations, you will heighten your awareness, release blocks that are holding you back, and develop neutrality toward yourself and others. As a result, you will gain self-affinity and receive fun, new tools.

pendulum, hypnosis, hypnotist


(12 weeks)

You will receive training in using Pendulums, Muscle Testing, Animal Communication, Remote Viewing, Psychometry (Reading objects), Astral travel, Extraterrestrials, and visit your Akashic Records. These sessions provide tools to take your psychic abilities to the next level.

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I use my psychic surgeon and healing mistress daily to help me with the baby. I feel their presence, and I cover her with roses and ground her daily! As soon as I remember to do so she immediately calms down and gets herself to sleep.

– Dania Martinez LMFT

Woman Carrying Child in Carrier While Standing Beside Girl

I recommend taking Margaret’s classes and workshops. She speaks clearly, and she teaches without judgment. She has great patience and continues to learn as she teaches others. Her open and positive manner makes learning enjoyable.

– Kimberly Makin

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I joined the year long psychic class and I am handling my life better and making better decisions. Margaret is very supportive but tells it like it is. The group support has been amazing! I am more excited by life and anticipate that the universe is on my side.

-Grace M. Lucido

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I have been fortunate to have Margaret as a teacher for a few different classes, including the one-year psychic program. The tools I have received from these classes have been life-changing, and I use them daily! The classes have changed the way I see myself and others. I have learned more about my personal attributes and can’t thank Margaret enough. Her classes will offer you an opportunity to learn more about yourself and how to raise the vibration around you to get the most out of your present life.

– Adrienne M. Smith

“Graduates of this program are comfortable with their abilities to handle and read energy, and perform energy healings, psychic readings, and past-life readings. They can do remote traveling and are able to connect to the higher realms for information and self-healing.

I have taught students using online platforms for ten years and in person for over 30 years. My online students get results exactly like my classroom students.”

~Margaret VanLaanMartin

Call me now to sign-up: 530-520-1900