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Mediumship Reading- Connecting w/Your Loved One


Would you like to contact a deceased loved one?

Love is the only energy that can transcend death. Your loved ones do not stop loving you or stop wanting to communicate with you just because they have made their transition beyond human existence.

Through everlasting love, their spirit is still connected to you and willingly passes information along so you can receive it in ways you will understand. Acting as Medium, I hear, feel and see the information, which comes in the form of memories, symbols, aromas, references to family photos, belongings and heirloom items. And, they will also acknowledge other loved ones who are also present for you and want to be heard.

Loved ones do not disconnect because of their passing.

During a reading, your loved ones will often share messages with you, enabling you to connect with those in your life who have passed on. They might refer to current events, new jobs, new weddings, anniversaries, new babies and other important happenings. Messages may include important dates and special events for the family in the past and near future. This reading can allow you to sense your loved ones spirit again, find peace and comfort, and experience closure.

In the case where someone close has passed on and the relationship has not been a healthy one, I can help bring closure to the open wounds that did not get healed during that person’s time on earth. I can help bring healing and forgiveness to your relationship, even after their passing.

I have done readings for many years, and part of my professional mediumship training includes Arthur Findlay College in Stansted, England.

1 hour for a private, individual session

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My name is Sylvia, and I met Margaret over 20 years ago. I knew she had interest and skills as a psychic, but being the non-believer that I had always been, I listened with little belief, until many years later, my best friend died, and I went to her to seek some type of closure. I attended Mediumship with Margaret.

The communication that was obtained from the world beyond was something I will treasure and never forget.

—SYLVIA, San Francisco, CA.