Who was I in a Past Life: Doctor, Lawyer, Indian Chief, or the Queen of Sheba?

  • Did you know that some people who are in your life now have been with you in a past life?
  • Are you and your partner soul mates?
  • Are there karmic debts to be worked out?
  • Do you experience de-ja vu or conflict when you’re with someone?

These are big questions that I can help you find answers to with a past lives reading.

Your past lives reading will clarify what’s going on within your relationships and can:

  • dentify the old habits you’ve brought into this lifetime;
  • help you see more clearly what is blocking your path;
  • explain why certain people in your current life act the way they do;
  • see old patterns and make changes in line with your hopes and dreams;
  • help you resolve conflicts;
  • get along better with others;
  • live a more productive life.

In another life, your boss might have been your brother. Or your child might have been your parent. In a past life, your best friend could have been your lover. What does this mean to you in this life?

Your reading can be done in person, by phone or via Skype.

1 hour for a private individual session