In 6 private coaching sessions, release depression, anxiety, anger, and fear from a traumatic experience in your life.

For the busy person who is tired of being depressed, anxious, and upset from a trauma they experienced and wants to release the pain and enjoy life again.

The Tools for Transformation Program is a six-week series of highly personalized and private sessions that will walk you through the steps you need to turn your world right side up. After these sessions, your world will make more sense; you will feel like yourself again and be energized to take charge of your life!

I use multiple modalities and tools to help you get through these changes in your life that have hit you so hard. I assure you that you have someone to talk to. I will be there for you when you are feeling overwhelmed. I will work with you on steps when you are ready to take them.

After purchase, I’ll contact you to schedule your 6 sessions.