Opening and clearing the energy portals of the body.


The Chakras are our Spirit’s way of connecting to our body. And just like our bodies, they need regular cleansing and balancing to do their job effectively. In a session, your Chakras will be cleansed, balanced and recharged, and you will be taught how to maintain the health of this most important aspect of being in your body.

Set your appointment with me at a time when you can sit undisturbed for 30 minutes, in a relaxed position, but with your eyes open and your feet flat on the floor. You will receive your healing on Zoom and be able to ask questions as I work.

Energy healing works easily in conjunction with various forms of bodywork, such as chiropractic, acupuncture, reflexology and massage, as well as the vibrational treatments of homeopathy, aromatherapy and flower essences. Energy healing also works during western medical procedures.

A long-distance Chakra cleansing can be used at any time for balancing and promoting health and wellness in the physical and emotional bodies and is also excellent for emergencies or booked medical procedures.