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Intuitive Tarot Reading- 30 Minutes


What are my tarot readings like?

The symbolic images on Tarot cards bypass our analytical mind and speak directly to our intuitive mind, much like the images in dreams. Like dreams, these images usually need some interpretation to help you integrate their meaning into your life.

I am a skilled, intuitive, Tarot reader who can make the message from the Tarot cards come to life for you so you can understand the current energy surrounding your personal situation. A reading can provide so much information I recommend using Tarot readings throughout your life to gain insight on your relationships, your career, your health, your state of abundance, or any other situations you ponder.

The Tarot cards that your Spirit chooses to show you during your Tarot reading will reveal any past patterns that are blocking the flow of well-being into your life. The Tarot cards will show you hidden aspects of a current situation, unrecognized choices before you, and avenues of empowerment you may have overlooked.

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