What exactly is an Astrological-Tarot reading?

An Astrological Tarot reading is not just a Tarot reading, and it is not just an astrological reading. Astrological-Tarot is a unique reading that blends the two psychic realms to examine the different aspects of your personality and delivers a unique perspective on you.

An Astrological-Tarot reading is a reading few psychics offer but I have found a way to use your astrological tarot reading by combining aspects of your astrological birth chart (natal chart) with the divination of Tarot cards.

Specifically, this reading takes a look at the abilities you were born with and shows how you have manifested them in your life. With your natal chart present, I  use Tarot to examine each of your houses and planets and show how you are using your innate skills now. This provides insights into how you can use your skills more effectively going forward in your life.

In order to have this reading, you must obtain a copy of your astrological birth chart and have it present for the reading. Either a previous astrological birth chart or a new astrological birth chart will work. If you don’t already have one, I  can prepare one for you prior to your reading.

1 Hour