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Trust Your Dowsing Blend Essential Oils (15 mL)


When you have confidence, inner strength, clarity of mind, wisdom, and understanding, it is easier to stay connected to your higher self and inner purpose while uplifting your mood. Trust Your Dowsing Oil helps you be a confident dowser. This oil helps you ground, brings truth and focus, and releases tension. It also purifies and gives protection and enables you to gain spiritual perspectives over mundane problems. Trust Your Dowsing Oil purifies, cleanses sacred space and dowsing tools while dispelling negative energy. It brings you inner strength and protection, and is great to use in manifestation.


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The following essential oils are in Trust Your Dowsing Blend (alphabetical order). The therapeutic uses that are listed for each essential oil are those that are relevant to the purpose of this particular blend.

Bergamot is for confidence, inner strength, clarity of the mind, overcoming disappointment, connecting to your higher self, and inner purpose.

Clary Sage brings truth, focus, the release of tension, purification, and protection. Clary Sage also helps with chakra work and helps us gain spiritual perspectives over mundane problems. It brings wisdom and understanding. 

Pine is for purification, cleansing of sacred space, and ritual objects and tools. Pine also dispels negative energy, brings inner strength, protection, understanding, and manifestation.

Sandalwood is for uplifting and enhancing our mood. It also helps us ground, do meditation, and enhances our spiritual practices.

Almond Carrier Oil brings unconditional blessings for any purpose and broadcasts the energy of the other oils while bringing safety and protection.